Review Policy/Contact

Review Policy

Authors & Publishers – If you would like to send me a book or album to review, please email me at with a discription of the book/album. I’m usually happy to participate in blog tours, conduct author interviews, and/or hold giveaways in conjunction with reading and reviewing the promoted book or album.  All the reviews are also posted on other sites, including Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing, etc. in order to give greater exposure for the artist or author.

  • My Preferred Genres: I am really open to what I read/listen and review, as I have pretty eclectic tastes and interests.
  • Genres I Generally Will Not Accept:  Books- Western, Christian, Romance;  Music- Rap, New-Country, Christian

I am able to accept hard copies of books only.  I am currently not accepting books in electronic form.

By accepting a review copy of a book or album, I do not guarantee that I’ll finish it or that I’ll review it. If I do finish a book, I’ll review it honestly on this site. If I do not finish a book for any reason, I’ll do my best to ensure that it finds its way into the hands of another interested reader, usually through a giveaway on this site. I am always willing to peruse unsolicited books and music, however I cannot guarantee a review as quickly as to those who have contacted me in regards to a review beforehand.

I do my best to read/listen and review books/albums in a timely manner. However, due to time constraints and other review obligations, it will generally take 30-90 days for a review to be posted, but I will try give you an idea of when I expect to publish a review.  If there is a special date you would like a review posted (to coincide with the release date, etc.), I am able to schedule accordingly.


Blog Tours/ Author Interviews/ Giveaways/ Etc.

I enjoy participating in blog tours very much.  If you are contacting me in regards to a blog tour, author interview, or other special event, please give me dates from which to choose up front.  This will help to solidify plans a little more quickly.

If you are interested in doing an author interview, I do request that a copy of your novel be sent with ample time to read before the questions need to be submitted.

If I am not familiar with your work/with the authors work, I do require the option to read the title before I will agree to an interview or a guest post.



I do not prefer to read a series out of sequence. If you have a review request that is part of a series I have not read, I do ask that you provide a copy of each of it’s predecessors. This will allow for a more effective review.



I do not respond to each individual review request. If you do not hear back from me within a week, it is fair to assume that I am not interested in reviewing the title (no offense- I’m sure it is great!).  I do not mind getting mass emails, I know that sending an individual email to each blogger can be time consuming.

I maintain that my reviews are all honest, I will not compromise my integrity as a book blogger/reviewer.  I review every novel that I read, so please be aware that those sometimes include negative reviews. I don’t take pleasure in negating someone’s work, but as stated above my reviews will be my honest opinion.  If I am not able to finish a book for any reason, I will not post a review.  However, be assured your book will find a good home with someone who will be able to give it the love it deserves.

If you would like to contact me regarding reviewing your book or album, please email me at  I look forward to hearing from you, and I am open to all offers!

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