Some people say I’m odd.  I just say I’m me.

Twisting the Lens is a blog featuring book and music reviews, with the occasional smattering of other areas of pop culture.  It is a place I deliver honest reviews and analysis of what I read, watch, and listen to.  The reviews featured on Twisting the Lens are a combination of both major label and independent, as I feel it is important to showcase different areas.  I started the venture in mid-2011 as a place to share what I was discovering in entertainment, etc.  However, it has since grown into a legitimate review blog- and I hope to grow it even more in the future.

In 2012, I plan on introducing occasional giveaways, author/artist interviews, sneak peaks, and other special events.  If you are an author/musician that would like me to help promote your work, please see my review policy and contact information.

If there is something here that you as a reader would like to see done differently, please give me your feedback- I’m always open to suggestions!  Also, I enjoy networking with other blogs, so please take advantage of my Facebook buttons, etc.

[For legal purposes I am supposed to inform you that for some (but not all) of the music and book reviews on this site I have received free copies of the album and/or book specifically for review purposes.  I have not recieved, and will not receive any monetary compensation unless specifically noted.  Thank you.  You may now forget this and simply enjoy this space.]

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I saw your blog on Goodreads so I thought would pop along and say ‘hello’. Hello.

    When I started to scroll down I thought the photo was of yourself and you had spiked, blonde hair. I thought to myself “She really is odd” and then I realised my mistake when I saw it was just a book.

    I wish I had a reason to put some kind of legal disclaimer on my blog. I would make it intentionally vague and libellous so as to inject some excitement to day at work. Usually I sit there refreshing my stats page every few minutes praying that one more person visited me. If there was the risk of being sued things would be way more interesting.

    Are you from the UK? I am. In some parts of the country people would read your blog title as being Twisting t’Helens.

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