Saturday Songs: Shannon Wright- ‘Mire’



Shannon Wright has been around for a bit of time, but I will be honest and say that I have never really connected with her music.  For me, her sound has always been somewhat too dissonant, her vocals a bit too washed over, and just maybe trying too hard too be cool and different.  That is, until now.  When music review blog their bated breath featured a song off Wright’s new album, due out March 18th, I think I may have stopped breathing for the duration of the near five minutes of guitar and angst fueled wall of sound.  Her voice is gravelly and angry.  Her guitar supplies a drone that goes in circles and takes one along for the ride.  She has definitely been taking pointers from P.J. Harvey, for one.  This song just grabbed me by the balls (brass ones, of course) and gave me one of those ‘shit-what-just-happened?’ moments.  Listen for yourself if you seek a sound that is, as their bated breath put it, “A curious combination of grit and grace.”



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