‘Forgotten’ by Catherine McKenzie


by Catherine McKenzie

William Morrow

448 pages

Pub. Date:   October 16, 2012

Book received from:  Publisher


Genre:  Adult Contemporary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction

Cover:  So-so.  Nothing special, but not bad.

Characters:  Quirky and likable

Tagline:  If you had a chance to start over, would you take it?

Quote:  “It seemed like almost nothing had happened, but that ‘almost nothing’ changed everything for me.”

For Fans Of:  Ally McBeal, Barbara Kingsolversmart & quirky chick-lit

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

Worth the read?  Yes- but McKenzie’s other books are higher up on the list

The Short & Sweet of It:   When Emma Tupper’s mother leaves a trip to Africa as part of her will, Emma feels a responsibility to go and explore the land of which her mother had always dreamed.  However, she did not expect an earthquake to strand her there for half a year, leaving the life awaiting her back home in shambles.  When she finally is able to leave Africa, she comes home to find herself with no place to live, no job, no money, no boyfriend, and everyone thinking she is dead.  She must decide if she wishes to pick up the pieces of her old life and fight for what she once had worked so hard to build, or to start anew and become someone else entirely.

McKenzie has a way of taking an absurd scenario and making it seem as though it could happen to anyone.  In her third book, she still manages to keep me turning the pages wandering what witty thing the leading lady will say or do next.  Although Forgotten fell just a bit short for me in comparison to Spin and Arranged, mostly due to a bit more sadness of the story line itself, it still kept me entertained until the end.  I will definitely be picking up the next book by McKenzie, who has quickly become one of my new favorite authors.


My review of Spin 

My review of Arranged

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Author Site




3 thoughts on “‘Forgotten’ by Catherine McKenzie

    • I definitely liked ‘Spin’ the best, but ‘Arranged’ was just a different kind of read for me. Let me know what you think of whichever one it is you read. Hope you like it!

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