Book Promo: ‘The Hunt Series’ by Andrew Fukuda

If you were following my reviews last year, you probably know that I found Andrew Fukuda’s The Hunt to be one of the best YA books of 2012.  His blending on vampires and a dystopian setting was spot-on and never cliche, and the characters were really quite amazing.  Check out my review of The Hunt, as well as a guest post by Andrew Fukuda, wherein he shares the soundtrack that helped during the writing process.

Suffice it to say that I am a bit giddy in anticipation of reading The Prey, the second book in this heart-pounding series.  This is one that will not be on my to-read shelf for very long, for sure.  The Prey is being released tomorrow, January 29th, so enjoy this teaser and trailer for The Hunt Series:


Gene isn’t like everyone else.

He’s human surviving in a world of vampires.
When he’s chosen to join the hunt,
his secret means life or death…


For excerpts of both books, and all other kinds of great info on the series, go the the St. Martin’s Press site.


One thought on “Book Promo: ‘The Hunt Series’ by Andrew Fukuda

  1. Why did I read this book: I am always a little wary when books are pitched as the next Hunger Games (or any super-popular series/film/book), but in the case of The Hunt, I was intrigued. I liked the I Am Legend/Daybreakers sound to the novel – plus the last post-apocalyptic vampire-like monster novel I read was kind of awesome (see The Passage ). I’d also heard some great things about Andrew Fukuda’s prior novel, so, obviously, I was so very in.

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