A New Year & My Return to the Blogosphere!

It has been far too long (and much longer than I had originally planned) since posting here.  However, sometimes life gets in the way of the things one would rather be doing.  With a new job with long hours and days, it became a lot to balance things and even fit in reading time.  But, alas, things have slowed down for the time being, and I intend to make every effort to share with you guys what I have been reading, what I want to read, and other random thoughts.

I plan on changing a few things up, just for the sake of time constraints.  I may do a couple of memes, in order to showcase books I have received and are still awaiting my better attention.  My reviews may not be quite as lengthy and will have a different format.  And, I unfortunately will not be able to take part in as many book tours.  Having to have a book read by a specific date is not always possible, and it is not fair for me to commit myself to that without knowing for sure if it is possible for me.

Don’t worry, there will still be honest and thoughtful analysis of the books I read.  There will still be some fantastic giveaways.  There will still be all the same, and more.  So, please join me again, as I try to navigate through my bookshelves, as well as this thing called life that seems to take some of my time away from books (boo!).

I would like to that you all for sticking by me and waiting for me to get things sorted out.  Thank you for not kicking me and this blog to the curb.  We still love you, even if we don’t visit, call, or write quite as often.

Happy New Year!

~Twisty J



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