READlaxing Sunday: The Getting it Done Edition

Please bear with me for the next couple of weeks as I transition jobs.  I am trying to keep up with the books, but there are only so many hours in the day (Which is just unacceptable, and I am working on getting them extended).  Plus, there is a new edition to the family with a new kitty, who is unfortunately without a name at this point.  So, she has to deal with Kitty McFlufferkins while we figure out a name that better suits her.  Anyhow, I plan on bringing you awesome reviews and features, but they may be a bit sparse, unless the magic blogging fairy sees fit to visit.  However, she is MIA as of right now.  You guys are awesome- thanks for putting up with me!

For today, I leave you in good reading company:



One thought on “READlaxing Sunday: The Getting it Done Edition

  1. Kitty McFlufferkins … ohmegawd!!! ❤ X 10

    That is such a cute name my head almost exploded (braiiiinnnzz)(had to throw some zombie luv in there lol). No, seriously, I'm one of those crazy cat lovers and I think it's sweet that you've adopted a new furbaby ❤

    Sincere good luck on the job transition … and you're right, there's never enough hours in the stupid day, so we need to figure out *some* way to bend time & space. Maybe we could insert a mobius strip in our braaaaiiinz (okay, I've GOTTA stop reading science fiction and/or zombie books) ;D

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