Book tour & GIVEAWAY: ’12-21′ by Dustin Thomason


by Dustin Thomason

The Dial Press

Pub. Date:   August 21, 2012

Book received from: Publisher via TLC Book Tours



Genre:  Adventure/Mystery/Thriller

Cover:  Eh.  It works.

Characters:  Well described and connected

Worth the read?  Sure- if you like the genre or end-times theories



An ancient Mayan codex is found that holds the answers historians have been asking for years.  A rare infection is sweeping through the Los Angeles area.  Peddlers and pundits are preaching end-times in mere days, based on the Mayan calendar.  Dr. Gabrial Stanton and researcher Chel Manu must race against time to find how they are all connected, and find a cure for an unknown, mutated disease and answers to timeless questions before it is too late.

12-21 is a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that is reminiscent of many others, but is very timely right now.  The connections and the what-ifs are interestingly laid out, and the characters are well-written.  They are flawed, but that is what makes them likable, and they each have an insatiable curiosity that gets them into trouble at times.

There is not a lot to say about this that would not spoil the fun of reading it. However, I will say that it was entertaining, albeit a bit formulaic.  The only real problem I had with it, is that after December 21, 2012, it is bound to lose some of what makes the book interesting, so it is best to read it before to feel the same sense of urgency.

If you are looking for a quick read that explores Mayan culture, a possible apocalypse, and an outbreak of disease- this is the book for you.  As long as we are all still around, I will be looking forward to Thomason’s next work.


The Dial Press has generously offered a copy of ‘12-21’ for one lucky reader.  To be entered, simply comment below & tell me why this book appeals to you, with your e-mail address in the comment.   
Must be at least 17-years-old and live in the US/CAN.  I will pick a winner by random August 22, 2012.


Check out the entire blog tour calendar.

‘12-21’ can be purchased at, as well as your local independent bookseller.



9 thoughts on “Book tour & GIVEAWAY: ’12-21′ by Dustin Thomason

  1. This book sounds great to me because of the mystery/what-ifs and I always like to read about other cultures. Thanks for the great review! I would love to win a copy of this book!

    susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com

  2. This books sounds good to me because it sounds really good and I think I would really enjoy it. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  3. As if Los Angeles doesn’t have enough problems with earthquakes now they have to fight off an epidemic. Well, I enjoy medical thrillers and tossing in a little end-of-the-world dystopia makes it all the more interesting. And yes, I suppose I would have to read this before 12/21!

  4. You had me at *possible apocalypse & out break of disease* lol
    No, seriously, both my daughter and I are fascinated by the Mayan calendar, and I know we’d both enjoy reading this yummy book! 😀
    ❤ Thank you very much for the sweet giveaway 🙂
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

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