GUEST POST: Emma Daley

Now that you have heard all about what I think of The Propheticus series, it is time to hear about author Emma Daley’s experiences with writing the series.  For this guest post, she has answered a couple of questions I threw her way.  Let’s give a warm welcome to Ms. Daley!

Did the Characters take on a life of their own?  If so,  How?

I liked this question because this type of story has never really been told before. That is, what an author experiences as their characters and story develops and their characters take on a life of their own. When I was writing Propheticus, the characters did actually come to life around me. I felt my character’s presence around me as if they were ghosts following me through my life, sometimes disappearing into their world, cause mine was so boring, and I would find myself wanting to go to their world with them sometimes. That is when you know you have great characters, when you feel like their story and life is so interesting it’s hard to let them go. I would sometimes see them dancing around in my head, like the angel and the devil appearing on your shoulder type vibe, only it was my characters. Maybe this sounds like I’m psychotic about now, but I think that’s truly what it’s like when you’re a writer and you’re so engrossed in your story. I’m a big day dreamer so it was nothing new for me to be in the car or just sitting at home and I was gone to the world, in the story that I had created, watching Aniah and Novell fall in love and get torn apart. Feeling what they felt and how terrified they would be. Deciding how to express those feelings and having words echo in my head like dying whispers, telling me what needed to be written. When I would write the story down, it would fly out so fast that my fingers could barely keep up.

Have you tried to find a major publisher, or is self-publishing your first choice?  Why?

Another question that I wanted to add a side note about was the decision to publish traditionally or self publish. I am a pretty impatient person, I wrote about two query letters but deep down I knew that this story was not a commercial sale. No one would even listen to it until after I self published it. After Propheticus was published, it gained notice as a story that could sell, and I had some offers to publish my next story. Traditional publishers want the same story over and over, I just didn’t have the same story as the next person and I knew that. With my next novel I feel more confident that I can sell it to a commercial market. This was just such an incredible story that I wanted to tell no matter what it took, it wasn’t about the money.




Thanks for visiting us and letting us inside your head for a bit, Emma!  If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment and ask them.  Be sure to check out the ‘Propheticus’ trilogy, and look for her books in the future.


Go to her website for much more:


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