‘Propheticus: The Dark Angeli’ by Emma Daley

Propheticus: The Dark Angeli

by Emma Daley


Pub. Date:   February 19, 2012

Book received from: Author


Genre:  Sci-fi/Fantasy/ almost YA fantasy

Cover:  Pretty- The darkness of the story is really reflected

Characters:  Likable, and becoming stronger

Worth the read?  Yes- if you intend on reading the entire trilogy


In the final chapter of the Propheticus trilogy, all hell breaks loose- literally.  Aniah really comes into her own as she learns what she must do and become in order to save the universe and those she loves.  However, the temptation of Novell may be too strong for her to fight, and by the time she makes her decision it might be too late for Aniah and the universe.

The series really does end with a bang, and it makes it all worth the read.  Although I would have liked to see Aniah become a bit more bad-ass despite the fulfillment of the prophecy, she definitely grows a lot more in this final book.  All the questions and mysteries are answered along the way, and the suspense was palpable.  Although the ending was a bit too neatly tied up with a bow on top, I am really not sure how else it would have ended.

It is difficult to write too in-depth of a review of this last book without giving away parts of the other two books.  So, I will just say that it is very much worth reading the entire series and becoming wrapped up in the story and the mystery.  The Propheticus series is a quick read, and very intriguing and enjoyable.  The characters are likeable and complement each other well, and they each have a point to the story that is uniquely their own.  If you are looking for a fantasy/sci-fi read that can be easily categorized as either adult or YA, this is one you should really check out.


TOMORROW:  Guest Post by Emma Daley!

‘Propheticus: The Dark Angeli’ can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Emma Daley, go to her website here.


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