‘Propheticus: The Migliao’ by Emma Daley

Propheticus: The Migliao

by Emma Daley


Pub. Date:   June 25, 2011

Book received from: Author


Genre:  Sci-fi/ Fantasy/ YA fantasy

Cover:  Alright- I like the first one better, though

Characters:  Likable, but I did get a bit frustrated

Worth the read?  Yes- if you intend on reading the entire trilogy


After discovering her destiny as a the savior of the universe, from an ancient prophecy, Aniah is getting ready to rumble.  Aniah, Novell, and Dyna travel the planet in search of the fourth warrior dictated by the Prophecy of the Dark Angeli, and discover so much more about themselves along the way.  As Novell and Aniah’s love grows, the possibility of them being able to stay together becomes a real possibility.  Aniah must learn to become stronger in order to fight the dark creatures, and the battle that is yet to come.

This installment of the Propheticus series picks up right where the first left off, and provides much more action than the first.  The growing mystery and connections of the characters begin to become a lot more intriguing as well, which makes this one read much faster than the first.

The development of Aniah’s character is a bit odd at times, as she is struggling with everything going on.  For some reason, the author feels the need to point out repeatedly how weak Aniah is, and everyone else thinks so too.  I would have like to see a bit more power behind her character in this one, rather than let everyone else call the shots because she is supposedly some delicate young thing that might break if she has to deal with too much.

The Migliao is a good middle part to the trilogy.  Where many trilogies often become weaker, The Propheticus becomes stronger throughout.  Although at times the characters were a bit frustrating in this one, the story happening is very intriguing, and begs for an explosive finish.


TOMORROW:  My review of Book #3 in the Propheticus series.

‘Propheticus: The Migliao’ can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Emma Daley, go to her website here.


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