Book Tour & GIVEAWAY: ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ by Cecelia Ahern

The Book of Tomorrow

by Cecelia Ahern

William Morrow

Pub. Date:   July 24, 2012 (Paperback release)

Book received from: Publisher via TLC Book Tours


Genre:  Adult Contemporary Fiction/borderline YA/slight fantasy

Cover:  I do like to see the redheads represented, so I love this cover.  She reminds me a bit of Nicole Kidman

Characters:  Perfectly penned and voiced

Worth the read?  Absolutely- do not miss this one

Tagline:  What if we knew what tomorrow would bring?  Would we fix it?  Could we?

Favorite quote:

“It looked more domineering, more commanding as a ruin than as a castle because there it stood before me with its scars revealed, all wounded and bloody from battle.  And I stood before it, feeling a shadow of who I used to be, with my own scars revealed.  We instantly bonded. ”


When sixteen-year-old Tamara Goodwin’s father takes his own life, Tamara and her mother are left to pick up the pieces of a tattered life.  After losing their home, they find themselves living with her aunt and uncle in the Irish countryside, in the gatehouse to an old castle.  As Tamara soon finds out, the castle is not the only one with a story to tell and a history that has been left in ruins.  When she discovers an old diary that writes itself everyday in the voice of the Tamara of tomorrow, she is unsure whether she is supposed to change the future, or let it play out as it is apparently meant to be.  One thing is for sure:  nothing is as it seems, and the secrets to be uncovered could change the lives of all those involved.

Ahern has delivered a read that is easily described as magical and mystical.  The tone and use of magical elements within the reality of everyday events reminded me quite a bit of Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic.  As Tamara is discovering deeply buried family secrets, and the history of her new home, the same can be said for herself.  The person she once was has no place in her new life, and too much has changed for her to turn back.

There are times when Tamara is almost unlikable, and her inner snotty teenager comes out a bit too much.  However, it is this part of her voice that makes the story more believable than it otherwise would be.  The other characters are all very mysterious, yet the reader is still able to develop a full picture of who each one is.  Although Tamara is obviously the leading lady, Sister Ignatius stole the show for me in several spots.  She was one of those old ladies that have seen more than they could ever tell, and know how to change a bit with the times.  I loved how she was able to communicate with Tamara better than anyone else, even though they seemed like such different characters.  Her dialog left me laughing as much as it left me thinking.

The Book of Tomorrow is a book that should not be missed.  Although it unfolded much differently than I thought going into it, perhaps it was even better to have gone in such directions.  From beginning to end, it held my attention on every page.  Not because it was a thrilling, action-packed read.  But, because it was perfectly and beautifully told, and the characters became like friends in the end.  I do not think I have ever used the word ‘spellbinding’ to describe a book before.  However, The Book of Tomorrow is simply that:  Spellbinding.



William Morrow has generously offered a copy of ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ for one lucky reader.  To be entered, simply comment below & tell me: If you knew what was going to happen in the future was going to hurt those around you- would you try to change it?, with your e-mail address in the comment.   
Must be at least 17-years-old and live in the US/CAN.  I will pick a winner by random August 7, 2012.


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‘The Book of Tomorrow’ can be purchased at, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Cecelia Ahern, go to her website here.


13 thoughts on “Book Tour & GIVEAWAY: ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ by Cecelia Ahern

  1. If I could know what was going to happen in the future, and I knew that it would end up hurting the people I love I would definitely try to change it.

  2. I’ve had a psychic tell me what was going to happen in the lives of my children when they became adults and with myself as I become older. I worked to change the bad portions while also working to promote the good portions. A lot of what she said has come true and I was able to stop some of the bad from happening but at the same time those changes also did away with the good that was supposed to happen. Knowing what is supposed to happen is a double edged sword, both sides cut just as deep. I’m still waiting to see if some of the other stuff that she predicted comes true.

    So, yes. If i had the chance to change the future I definitely would stop as much bad and promote as much good as I possibly could.

  3. ❤ Thank you for the very sweet giveaway!! 🙂

    Absolutely would I try to change the future, even though there would always be the inherent risk of opening up a whole 'nother grim probability.

    Which, as an armchair math/physics geek, I've long been interested in the idea of a great multiverse of probablities/string theory. Years ago I had something really amazing happen to me, and at the very exact instant that it happened, I had a weird-hard-to-describe feeling of *things shifting*. It felt like I had *jumped* into a different timeline or altered the future, as utterly crazy as that sounds. lol

    So yeah. I do think, in some instances, future events can be influenced and I would move heaven & earth to try avoiding any harm occurring to my loved ones~ 🙂

    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

  4. I would definately try to change it! Obviously you have this power for a reason. I dont think I could live with myself knowing that I could have made a difference and didnt.

  5. Depends on what we mean by “hurt”!

    God is in the details, or the Devil is in the details, if you prefer.
    If I knew the future, I would likely try some course correction.
    However, would you stop a child from riding their new bicycle because they’re going to scrap their knee. Would you stop a student from completing college because finals can be “painful.” Would you stop a young mother from giving birth because it hurts. Would you prevent a teenager’s first love, knowing it will end with a broken heart, but prepare them for a better love to come.

    Some “hurt” should be avoided, some hurt helps us grow into strong people.

    ronandstacee at

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