Book Tour & GIVEAWAY: ‘What You Wish For’ by Kerry Reichs

What You Wish For

by Kerry Reichs

William Morrow

Pub. Date:   July 3, 2012

Book received from: Publisher via TLC Book Tours


Genre:  Adult Contemporary fiction/ Chick lit

Cover:  Cute, colorful, and simple

Characters:  Well-connected storylines,  somewhat eccentric, and covers many personalities

Worth the read?  Yes, especially if you are interested in the politics of reproduction

Tagline:  ‘All they ever wanted is nothing like they expected.’

Favorite quote:

“Eva considered the seemingly non-serial-killing, non-dog-kicking, tax-paying, CNN-watching guy before her for only a second before saying, “Fine.  But I’m not calling my mother.  I’m calling Chuck Norris.  He puts the ‘laughter’ in ‘manslaughter.’”


Kerry Reichs (yes, daughter of Kathy) delivers a third novel, which explores the issues of reproduction and parenting, both on a personal and political level.  She takes five different characters, all at the stage in life where it feels as though a decision must be made as to whether to become a parent or not.  While taking each of their stories and sharing them with us on a personal level, Reichs also manages to delve into the politics and social pressures often present during the decision making process.

What makes this novel stand out above so many others is the diverse characters presented to the reader.  From a single woman getting to ‘that point’ in life, to a single man who is choosing to be a single parent, to a woman seeking fertility treatments, as well as the effect frozen embryos on a divorced couple, and the choice to not parent at all- the diversity of family structures is very much at hand.  As their decisions are challenged by those in their lives, as well as a political controversy that is very reflective of issues present today, Reichs makes it clear that becoming a parent is a journey- and sometimes a battle- all its own.

With the current political climate over women’s reproductive freedoms, this book comes at just the right time.  While it has a chick-lit edge to it, it is certainly more a work of contemporary fiction that should not be ignored.  Reichs is able to take some serious issues and interject humor and understanding along the way.  By the end, the reader not only comes to identify with the characters, but gains knowledge on why the decision to parent is so important to so many.

The only thing I was left wondering about in the end, is why Reichs omitted a storyline with a same-sex couple.  Perhaps she thought that it would be too cliché, or that her readers may not identify.  Regardless, What You Wish For is an engrossing read that as entertaining as it is interesting.


William Morrow has generously offered a copy of ‘What You Wish For’ for one lucky reader.  To be entered, simply comment below & tell me what appeals to you about this book, with your e-mail address in the comment.   
Must be at least 17-years-old and live in the US/CAN.  I will pick a winner by random July 24, 2012.



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‘What You Wish For’ can be purchased at, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Kerry Reichs, go to her website here.


6 thoughts on “Book Tour & GIVEAWAY: ‘What You Wish For’ by Kerry Reichs

  1. Not entirely sure this book is for me, but you did write a good review of it! (No need to enter me in give-away). That’s great that there is a mother/daughter writing team. Quite opposite genres, though.

    • Thanks for visiting. I am still not sure if this book was for me, but it was still a worthwhile read in the end. Odd, how some books are great, but not really your thing.

  2. I had a whole host of reproductive “adventures”, and many of my friends and family have experience similar things. Sounds like this is the perfect book for us!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

  3. So this finally answers my question, if there is a same-sex couple among the characters. I’m a little disappointed but it won’t stop me from reading the book. Actually I can’t wait ti read it. Good review 🙂

    • I kept waiting for the same-sex couple to come in to the story, but it never happened. I found it an odd choice to leave out that perspective, but I think Reichs was trying to place focus elsewhere. Thanks for entering!

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