Getting to Know Twisty J- Part 1

I thought it might be fun for my loyal readers out there to get to know a bit about the gal behind the computer screen (that’s ME!).  So, I introduce you to my new blog-series that is all about me, Me, ME, where I will occasionally feature tidbits, quirks, and things- all about ME!  After all, I am kind of an expert on the topic.


5 Random Things I do or think that should be (somewhat) shameful to admit:

1.  When I e-mail someone in Canada, I really want to end every sentence with ‘eh.’

2.  Every time an episode of Game of Thrones ends, I find myself hoping that the zombie-vampire-monster things from the forest will invade all the surrounding villages and thin the population a bit- just for the sake of something extra cool happening.

3.  I am not really a big fan of Harry Potter, but I really want my own personal Dobbie- before he got the damn sock.

4.  I really love when I get into a hot car in the middle of the summer.  I make everyone else wait to roll the windows down so I can enjoy the bone-singing heat.

5.   A 3-year-old girl in the store said I look like the girl from Brave, and when I looked in the mirror later, I realized she was very right in the comparison- my hair was HUGE!  I took this as a compliment and have now planned out my Halloween costume for this year.

There are so many more quirks (as I like to call them) about me, but really, we are just getting to know each other.  Baby steps, ya know.  So, tell me some of the oddball things about you- so I don’t feel quite so alone!


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