Dueling Books #1: ‘Fated’ by Alyson Noel (GIVEAWAY)

There are few books that I have trouble finishing.  However, on occasion, there is are books that just do nothing for me, and cannot keep my attention.  When this happens, I hate to simply give up on the book altogether, especially when other reviewers seem to be loving said book. So, I have come up with a proposal for you, my readers.  When there are books that just bore me to sleep, or frustrate me to tears, I am going to challenge you to a book duel!

A book duel?!  Yes.  Any book that is going to get a DNF (Did Not Finish) review, I am going to offer up for a giveaway.  Under one condition:  If you enter the giveaway, you must offer up one in trade from your DNF pile.  Then, when we both receive our new books that have been discarded by the other, we will read them- and we will like them!  Well, at least, I am challenging you to like it and tell me what I missed out on.

Why all the trouble?  Well, I figure that every book has some redeeming quality, and the author put a lot of effort into getting it written and published.  So, it is my hope that the next person will find the magic that I did not- and post positive reviews of it around the web (or at least in one place).  I figure the same may be true for the book they have tossed aside as well.  This is a place to make sad books happy again- in a new home.


This round:  Fated by Alyson Noel

There is something about the voice in which this story is told that falls flat for me.  The story itself sounds interesting, but I did not feel connected to any of the characters, except the woman from the prologue.  I really wanted to like this one, and the cover is beautiful!  But, alas, there was not enough to keep me reading.  For a full description: GoodReads


Conditions of the Book Duel:

1. You must be a follower of Twisting the Lens.  New followers welcome!  Either by Facebook, e-mail, or WordPress Follow.  Leave method and username in your comment.  (If you follow by e-mail, but do not wish to leave your address publicly, please make sure you are using the same address to comment and indicate you follow by e-mail.)

2. You must comment with your offering.  You may leave your e-mail address in the comment, or make sure it is attached to you comment in some way.

3.  Your offering must have been published in the last year and be in like new condition.  Fiction is preferred.  It may be any printed format and may be YA or Adult.

4.  If chosen, you must respond to my e-mail demanding your attendance, along with your mailing address, within 48 hours.

5.  Once the books arrive, we will both attempt to have a review within 60 days.  The review will be posted in one or more places on the web.  This can be a blog, Amazon, GoodReads, etc.  I will post the links to both reviews in a post for my readers, as well.

6.  Remember:  the goal is to genuinely try to like each of the books we are given.  If the books are still DNFs for both of us, we will call it a draw.

Any questions?  Just leave a comment here and I will answer them all.

I will choose a dueling partner on June 11th.

Now:  Show me what ya got!

One thought on “Dueling Books #1: ‘Fated’ by Alyson Noel (GIVEAWAY)

  1. Another great idea! The only book I DNF was 50 Shades of Grey but it’s a PDF, bummer! Would have loved to participate in this one too! You have some unique ideas. 🙂

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