Bob Dylan (b. May 24, 1941)

(Bob & Patti.  It is quite a wonder how this photo does not simply implode from its amazingness.
Yes, I made up a word to convey how awesome these two are.)

Growing up, the songs of Bob Dylan were always vibrating through my house.  My dad being a fan from the start, ingrained in me at an early age the importance of the man behind the harmonica, and what it was he did for the world.  For music.  For the younger generations to be heard- and for others to really listen.  Bobby D. was not just a songwriter or a musician, but a troubadour, a protester, a game-changer, and as near to a prophet as I will ever believe.  He made people listen and helped others to be heard as well.  It still amazes me that I can listen to his earlier work and the songs are still as relevant today as they were in the 1960s.  ‘Master’s of War’ still resonates with an untempered anger, ‘Desolation Row’ still speaks of the chaos all around, and ‘It’s Alright Ma’ is ever-present with its apathetic, yet comforting, resolution.

Bob Dylan. Robert Zimmerman.  The man.  The myth.  The legend.  He has been many things throughout his life.  Most importantly, he has been a voice for those that need to be heard.


This is not only one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, but my favorite cover song.  Vedder manages to translate the song perfectly for today.  Enjoy.


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