The Electric Panda- S/T

The Electric Panda

The Electric Panda

Independent Release

Release Date:  November 23, 2011


The Electric Panda is a punk-rock group out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana and are ready to be heard.  They may best be described as part Frank Black and part Presidents of the United States of America (yeah, remember them?), with a smattering of other early 90’s garage-punk bands- delivering an eclectic sounds that showcase their influences quite clearly.  Although they have only a limited release of their first album, they certainly have hopes of needing to stamp out more copies soon.  The Electric Panda are quickly becoming known in the Ft.Wayne area, but who is to tell how far they will go.

The singer may not have the best voice, and their lyrics may not make you stop and hit the ‘back’ button,  but there is something catchy about their delivery and drive.  Before you realize, your head will be bopping and your foot tapping to the catchy beats.  While they certainly need more polish, the roughness is somewhat endearing and takes me back to a time when practicing in a basement or a garage was the cool thing to do and everyone gathered around to be a part of the action (admit it: we all were band-aides back in the day for those friends of ours that were ‘in the band’, thinking it made us so much cooler than everyone else- no shame).

The Electric Panda is a group to catch on a Saturday night if you are in the area- or if they decide to come to you.  You will hear some original and catchy songs, leave with some memories, and maybe even get to meet the crazy-looking ginger on the bass (he looks pretty bad-ass).  Afterward, you will tell your friends that they missed a great show and great times- even if you can’t really remember it all the next day.  Good times will be had by all.  That’s the thing about those Indiana boys:  they may not always be the best at something, but they sure have fun trying.

To purchase the album and to find out more about the buys behind that poor singed panda, visit their website.

You can also ‘Like’ them on Facebook and boost their morale a bit.

(Disclaimer:  I am assured that no pandas were harmed during the production of this album, the artwork, or the merchandise.)


Here they are releasing the album at Ft. Wayne’s Wooden Nickle music store.

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