‘Fractured Persona’ by Harry James Krebs

Fractured Persona

by Harry James Krebs


Pub. Date:  November 12, 2011

Book received from:  Author


Richard Fornek wakes up in a hospital after a car accident a completely different person.  Literally.  His mind is still his own, but he is in the body of Daniel Curtis, who was hospitalized after his wife attacked him.  Richard is in a different city (actually an entirely different state), has a different wife, different friends, a different family, and a different body and life.  He realizes that he must learn to live this new life, but runs into several problems along the way.

Daniel Curtis is suspected of murdering a woman with whom he was having an affair.  Only, Daniel is Richard, so he must piece together who Daniel really was, and where he was at the time of the murder.  What he learns is that Daniel’s life was coming apart at the seams, and he must figure out how to put it all back together so he can live his life- as a free man.  It is not an easy task, as Richard really has no idea who can be trusted, or if Daniel may have actually been the murderer.  Richard must also find out what happened to his body, and if this madness can all be righted.

There are a few times while reading that the pace lagged with just a little bit too much detail that was not relevant in the end, but the story being told outweighed those times.  While the ending may leave the reader staring at the book, hoping it may change, it quickly becomes apparent that it could end no other way.  There is no way everyone gets a happy ending, so those that can should take it.

Fractured Persona is a story of losing sight of who you are, learning through someone else’s eyes, and putting a life back together from the pieces that you find.  There are times when life seems as though it is living itself, and Krebs cleverly cloaks the idea of feeling like you are not yourself in a metaphor of switching bodies.  It is also a story of understanding that you never really know anyone else until you have lived in their shoes- an opportunity that is nearly impossible.

Krebs delivers a story that is part mystery, part fantasy, and entirely introspection.  Although the idea of switching bodies has been done before, there is something that is just enough different that will draw one in until the end.  He is able to delve into a world of despair, loss, and confusion, and bring the reader out on the other side with a feeling of hope, gain, and discovery.  Fractured Persona offers a different look into the lives of others, and will keep the reader turning the pages wanting more.

For more about Harry James Krebs, visit his site.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

[This review is also published at LuLu Book Review.]


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