GIVEAWAY: Prom Book Pack + The Magic of a Teenage Party

Well, the prom season is upon us once again, and begs the question: Why?  Why do we, year after year, encourage our highschoolers to spend exorbitant amounts of money on dresses, tuxes, hair and makeup, corsages, limos, and the obligatory dinner?  It would seem that we are raised with the idea of achieving a fairytale like status at least once in our lives.  Most commonly, those events would be proms and weddings, both asking us to become someone we are not (or, at least, a made-over version of ourselves) for just one night- correction: one magical night.

The beginnings of the party that marks the culmination of our thirteen years of schooling is traced to the late 1800’s, when debutant balls became transformed into events for those who were not just high-society.  However, there are similar celebrations in nearly every country, marking the end of the schooling years and parting ways with the people who were there for the journey.

Regardless of the many ways one can deconstruct the meanings and symbolism of the prom, the tradition still stands today.  Sure, the amount of money spent often boarders on ridiculous, but it is a choice one must make.  Even I will admit to liking the idea of a glittery, magical dream night.  Of course, it usually turns out to be full of broken heels, closed-eye photos, and a rolling of eyes at the prom court.  But, hey, it is all about the memories, and who am I to keep someone from their Pretty in Pink moment?  Because, anytime I get cynical about everything that goes into prom, I find myself thinking of Molly Ringwald- and that girl makes me understand it all.


In celebration of Prom, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books (HMH) is giving away a prize pack of prom-themed reads!  Below, are the titles that will be sent to one lucky winner:

Illuminate by Aimee Agresti

Prom night at the posh Lexington Hotel sounds like a dream come true, but Haven Terra soon learns all is not what it seems. Can she save her classmates souls from a group of glamorous  yet diabolical angels in training? 

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

Not everybody finds out during their senior year that they are a Romanian vampire princess by birth. But being bloodsucking royalty gets more complicated for Jessica Packwood when she finds out her betrothed is the annoyingly hot Lucius Vladescu. Will they happily dance the night away or will a devious cheerleader succeed in stealing Lucius away?

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber

Perry finally has a gig scheduled with his band in the Big Apple, but it’s prom night and he is forced to take quiet, geeky exchange student Gobi. Turns out, though, Gobi is a trained assassin and the night turns from deadly dull to just plain deadly.  A laugh-out-loud page turner.

The Fashion Coloring Book  by carol + lulu

Thinking about designing your own prom dress? This coloring book by artist Carol and fashion blogger Lulu features pages inspired by some of today’s hottest designers and will get your inner fashionista started!

HMH Teen is giving away gift-cards, books, and more all month long!  Just check out and ‘Like’ their Facebook page for more details and to get in on all the celebratory action!

To win a pack of the titles above, enter the simple form below and read the details for ways to gain additional entries:

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