Dual Book Tour: ‘Darkness Bound’ by Stella Cameron & ‘Kiss of the Vampire’ by Cynthia Garner

Darkness Bound

by Stella Cameron

Forever Books

Pub. Date:   February 28, 2012

Book received from: Publisher


When first reading Darkness Bound, the sense that something came before that needs to be explained overwhelms whatever else is going on.  In a world of werewolves, fae, and other beings, it feels as though you are dropped into the middle of the story instead of the beginning.  So, the need to catch up to what is going on and have all the details of who’s who, the how, and the why explained leads to a sense of confusion that could have easily been avoided.  Maybe this is what Cameron wanted her readers to feel, to try to draw them into the story quicker.  For some, however, it leads to an instant separation from the story.

Leigh Kelly moves to the town of Chimney Rock after her husband tragically dies.  Soon after moving to the island, she begins to find out that strange things are happening, and that she may not be who she thinks she is.  In comes the sexy, dark, and handsome stranger that has been watching Leigh since her arrival, Niles.  Forbidden desires and romance follow, right on cue, and the questions to all the strange happenings in town pile up around them.  Who can be trusted?  Who is Leigh?  What does Niles want from her?

Darkness Bound is an alright story when you take the core of what is going on.  However, too many characters with too many plotlines unfortunately lead to a bit of a muddled story to sort through.  There are also a lot of unanswered questions, such as why Leigh suddenly discovers all of the things about the town now, when she has been there previous times.  Also, Niles may be a bit controlling and stalker-ish to be a desirable male lead for some readers.  While the premise and concept of Darkness Bound shows promise, there are other areas that convolute the story along the way.


Kiss of the Vampire

by Cynthia Garner

Forever Books

Pub. Date:   February 1, 2012

Book received from: Publisher


There is a rift between realms that has allowed paranormal entities (demons, vampires, etc.) to cross over the divide to merge with the bodies of humans, in order to survive on Earth.  It is an interesting twist on how vampires and such are created, giving what would seem to be a fresh take on the world of otherworldly beings.  In the first book of what is to be a series by Cynthia Garner, Kiss of the Vampire introduces us to a supernatural story that is just a little bit different than the rest.

Nix de la Fuente is detective that is half human, half demon, by birth, and serves as a liaison between the Extra-Dimensionals (EDs) and humans, specializing in crimes that have a supernatural element.   While on a case that turns into a string of vampire murders, her ex, Tobias, shows up to help investigate.  This sets up the obvious sexual tension, digging-up-the-past part of the plotline.  Will they get back together?  What really drove them apart?  Can Nix ever trust Tobias again?  This plotline is a big part of the book, but tends to get a bit repetitive with the will-they, won’t-they push-pull that tends to be overdone in the genre to begin with.  The meat and bones of the story is that of solving the murders, in Angel/CSI-style.

The element of the crimes and the solving of the crimes is actually pretty interesting, and what will keep one reading and wanting to know more.  Garner has crafted a well-told, cohesive investigation into the murders of prominent vampires, and what that means for the humans.  With a series of twist and turns, it keeps Nix and Tobias guessing as to who is involved and can be trusted.  Regardless of the consequences, they must get to the bottom of it all.

Kiss of the Vampire is a good first installment to a new series that has a slight twist on the paranormal.  With a bit too much attention and repetitive detail into the romance, it almost upstages the actual story being told.  The detective, crime-solving, work is the best part, but is almost overshadowed by the characters’ personal lives.  Regardless of the parts of the story that could be toned down, a well-placed cliffhanger, will leave most wanting to know what happens next in the series.


The Blog Tour for Kiss of the Vampire and Darkness Bound is being hosted by Forever Publishing.  

For more about Cynthia Garner, go to her website here.

For more about Stella Cameron, go to her website here.

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