Daughter- ‘His Young Heart, EP’

His Young Heart- EP



Release Date:  April 20, 2011


It is clear from the first note, that Elena Tonra, the voice behind the UK pop-folk duo Daughter,  is not out to be anyone but herself. His Young Heart is an album of simplicity, honesty, and charisma. It is real. It is not flashy, but will stick with you long after the album is over- and that is what makes it a success.

They start out with lyrics that are beautiful and poetic, yet blunt and pointed. On “Landfill,” Tonra is able to sing how she ‘hates your guts,’ without sounding trite, but rather delivers a certain sadness and finality showing she is ready to move on. On “Candles,” she sings that she ‘has a little voice to speak with.’ However, her ‘little voice’ says more in four songs than most do in a lifetime.

While listening, she is able to bring tears to the eyes of anyone with a heart, yet give a sense of freedom from the sadness by the end. In a market that is overly saturated with indie-folk artists all trying to get in their two cents worth, Daughter should be given far more than a penny for her thoughts. The delivery is pitch perfect, sincere, and soul-baring in a way that is often overlooked for those delivering flashiness and trippy beats.

The only downside of His Young Heart is that it is an EP, as it deserves to be a full-length effort. It feels as though it is over before it began, yet one can tell Daughter has so much more to say- and, believe me, you’ll want to hear it. What is unbelievable (besides the fact I overlooked this album for almost a year) is that this duo has yet to be picked up by a label. Although, one could argue that perhaps some of their charm would be lost in over-production. So, for now, we must take what we can get of Daughter and savor every last, hauntingly beautiful note.

For more about Daughter, visit their Facebook page.

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