‘Point, Click, Love’ by Molly Shapiro

Point, Click, Love

by Molly Shapiro

Ballantine Books

Publication Date:  December 20, 2011

Book received from:  Publisher, via GoodReads FirstReads


Ever since Sex and the City, authors have tried to recreate the magic that it created for women across the country.  Most of them have, unfortunately fallen short of connecting with their audience in quite the same way.  With Point, Click, Love, Molly Shapiro attempts to add her name to the list of those following in the stilettoed footsteps of many chick-lit books before.

Shapiro serves up a story of four friends in the Mid-West trying to navigate their love lives within the world of social networks that have become so pervasive in our everyday lives.  Katie, coping with her divorce, tries her hand at on-line dating services, while Maxine turns to celebrity gossip sites to escape what everyone thinks is the perfect marriage.  Claudia is faced with competing with her husband’s obsession with reconnecting with old friends on Facebook, and Annie decides to explore the world of online sperm donor sites in her quest of motherhood.

While reading each of these women’s stories, with alternating chapters for each, it quickly becomes clear that there is more going on beneath the surface.  We follow the ladies through issues of infidelity, distrust, divorce, dating, and navigating through their own lives, while struggling to achieve their own independence and sense of comfort.  They do so while trying to maintain their privacy, learning that it is not always so easy with everyone being so digitally connected.

At times, Point, Click, Love is a bit predictable and misses the chance to really stand out in the chick-lit genre.  The characters are well-developed, and the storyline is easy for many types of women to identify with.  While the characters may not always make the best decisions, it makes them seem more real in the long run.  However, in the end, everything is nicely tied up with a romantic little bow, which may leave the reader wanting something a bit more realistic and cohesive with the rest of the storyline.  Though, this is by no means a reason to avoid the sweet book candy that Shapiro has given us.

Point, Click, Love serves up a good, sassy, easy to read, story of four very different women, and does so with a twist.  With the world of the internet that is so readily available to us, it is obvious that our means of communicating and relating to one another have changed in recent years.  The question is, how much is too much, and at what point should we simply take a time out from it all and focus on the relationships right in front of us?  Has all the social networking actually made us more distant, while delivering a sense of false connectedness?  Point, Click, Love may not be the great answer to life, but it is a book sure to capture your attention and make you appreciate the people that are right in front of you.

For more about Molly Shapiro, visit her website.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.


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