‘The Alchemy of You’ by Patricia Copley O’Connell

The Alchemy of You

by Patricia Copley O’Connell

Novel Instincts Publishing

Publication Date:  April 29, 2011

Book received from:  Author


There are so many books, magazines, TV shows, and websites out there that are trying to tell us what we should be doing with our bodies as women, that it becomes a chore to sort it all out.  Do this.  Don’t do that.  Get the body you want NOW!  10 easy steps to better health!  The promises are so enticing and accessible that it is difficult not to get sucked in to the latest craze to improve our health, mind, and body.  In the end, most of these turn out to be too good to be true.  So, what makes O’Connell’s The Alchemy of You any different from the rest?  For starters, she’s not trying to change a woman’s body, but rather work with it to repair and enhance itself.

The Alchemy of You is a great reference for common ailments of women, with easy charts to match up symptoms, common causes, and possible solutions.  O’Connell  lays it out in an easy to understand format for everyone to understand.  She also explains when it is time to seek help for certain symptoms, as well as what to expect from the testing process.

This book covers everything that ails women, from yeast infections to heartburn to osteoporosis, and gives solutions to naturally alleviate the symptoms while balancing the body’s hormones.  Instead of urging us to immediately jump on the hormone supplement bandwagon, O’Connell understands and addresses the need to seek out natural solutions first.  As a woman, understanding how your body reacts to different environmental and internal cues is integral to living a healthy and balanced life.  This book may not save your life, or hold all the answers, but it is a great resource if you want to take a break from popular media’s fix-it-all-with-a-pill diatribe, and start focusing on yourself.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering The Alchemy of You for only $1.74!

For more about Patricia Copley O’Connell, visit her website,

Hormone Guru.


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