‘The Preacher’ by Camilla Lackberg

The Preacher

by Camilla Lackberg

Free Press

Publication Date:  February 7, 2012

Book received from:  Publisher



In the Swedish tourist town of Fjällbacka, a local boy finds a young woman dead and mutilated.  In addition, two skeletons are found dumped along with her body, creating the start of this complex thriller.  Every time the police think they have it figured out, another problem is blocking their path.  Lead investigator Patrik Hedström is bound and determined to solve the case, as becomes even more driven when another young woman is reported missing.

Like any good detective, Hedström follows every clue he finds, regardless of how outlandish it may seem.  However, it seems as though every clue leads to one family: the Hults, who have their own secrets they are trying to keep hidden.  With strings of evidence connecting Sweden and Germany, as well as multiple suspects, it seems as though the truth may never emerge.  As time runs out to find the missing girl alive, Hedström must work fast and uncover the darkest of secrets a human can hide.

In the second story featuring Hedström, Lackberg has created a world that is dark, sinister, and terrifying.  Her writing style draws the reader in as very few can do, and maintains the tension of the story all the way until the end.  There are so many times while reading that one will find themselves shaking the book in anticipation, and asking “What next?!”  The story is made easily believable by the dynamic, fully-realized characters.  Lackberg gives us the full picture by telling us the backstory behind the characters’ motives, and allows a certain understanding of each person within, whether one wants to understand or not.

While many mystery/thriller writers rely on a methodical writing style and strategically placed shock value, Lackberg delivers a fluid, almost poetic style creating a natural flow to the story.  She is a force to be reckoned with not only within Swedish fiction, but within the entire literary world.  This is a book that is nearly impossible to put down after it is started, and will surely cause one to seek out the other stories in the Hedström series.  Likewise, the dark, eerie, realistic story will stay with one long after it is finished- and will creep into one’s dreams and darken every shadow.

For more about Camilla Lackberg, visit her website.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.


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