‘The Parrot’s Perch’ by Karen Keilt

The Parrot’s Perch

by Karen Keilt


Release date:  2011

Copy received from: Author

Greed, revenge, lust, government corruption, and mystery.  These are all indicators of a fast-paced novel of suspense, and are all present in Karen Keilt’s debut novel The Parrot’s Perch.  When Freddy Lauria gets entangled in the drug trade while a student at Harvard, he thinks he can put it all behind him when he moves back home to Brazil.  However, Jack and Red, dirty cops who are on to Freddy, have a different plan when they follow him to the South American hotspot.

When Freddy arrives back in Brazil he is thrown into the same stressful home life he had managed to escape for years, and is drawn to the life of dealing once again.  Only this time, his sister Caitlin becomes unwittingly involved in his sordid affairs as well.  In Freddy’s quest to hide his past and his dealings from his family, he becomes more enmeshed in a maze of lies and deceit at every turn.

While Jack and Red both begin surveillance on Freddy and his circle, they quickly realize that he may be a better pawn than kingpin in their game of greed.  Meanwhile, Caitlin Lauria is living her seemingly perfect life planning a perfect marriage, when things go extremely wrong in the plans of the Brazilian authorities and the American cops.  Still, she has no idea how she fits into the scheme, and how she will be paying for the crimes and sins of those around her.

The Parrot’s Perch gives us an inside look into the corruption of some foreign justice systems.  Living in a country with fair trials and representation, the brutality and injustices seem unimaginable, albeit all too real.  It is evident that it is much too easy for the innocent to pay for the crimes of the guilty, and that greed is a pervasive tool in such a world.

Keilt gives us a story that is based on real events, although by the end, the reader will be wishing it was entirely fiction.  It is a story that will haunt long after the last page is read, and will make one realize that the political corruption that is seen at home is nothing compared to what others must face daily.  The Parrot’s Perch has been optioned as a major motion picture.  However, it remains to be seen whether reading the words on a page are as harrowing as seeing the images on the screen.  Regardless, this is one story in which you will become entangled with and will never forget.

For more about Karen Keilt, visit her Facebook page.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

[This review is also published at LuLu Book Review.]


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