Chairlift- ‘Something’





Release Date:  January 24, 2012


This sophomore effort from the Brooklyn-based duo is deeply steeped in the 1980s, and quite to their success.  It is not often that 80s music can be redone without sounding contrived and kitschy.  Somehow, Chairlift has accomplished the feat of sounding fresh, yet paying obvious homage to the era of New Wave.

There are many times during the album one may expect Soft Cell to break through and play “Tainted Love” at any moment.  On “Ghost Tonight” they even work the finger snap into the song, creating a nod to the group.  At other times, the duo resurrects the sound of early Sarah McLachlan, with a slightly darker sound and just-right vocals.  This is deeply apparent on “Take It Out On Me” and “Cool As Fire.”  From there, they move to “Turning,” with a nod to the Cocteau Twins.  One of the catchiest tunes, and the first single off the album, comes with “Amenaemonesia,” which by the end does not even matter that one cannot pronounce it.

Chairlift has given us a cohesive and catchy album, with their bravery paying off in the end.  This could have easily been a disaster, with so much obvious reference to music that has already been done.  However, they took what they know and created Something that is waxing nostalgic, yet fresh and endearing.


For more about Chairlift, visit their site.


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