‘Tempest’ by Julie Cross

“Jackson thought he had all the time in the world with Holly. Until time took him away from her.”


by Julie Cross

St. Martin’s Griffin

Publication Date:  January 17, 2012

Book received from:  Publisher


It seems as though the sci-fi market is inundated with stories of time-travel and the idea of changing the past.  Too often, the stories are riddled with holes that leave us stupefied as to how it made it past the editors.  However, there is something about the idea of traveling back in time to make wrongs into right, or simply to see how things really went down that is strangely appealing.  So, I must admit, I was curious when I learned about Ms. Cross’s Tempest.

I was expecting an average YA novel with problematic plot lines and romances, much in the vein of Twilight.  What I got was so much different, and so much more than I ever expected.  Tempest is a novel about 19-year-old Jackson, who has the ability to time travel because of a mutated gene.  He is able to keep his ability a secret (or so he thinks), and learns to control it more as the story progresses.  When he must save his girlfriend Holly, Jackson is forced back in time to figure out what events led to the point which he originally left.  What he learns is far more than he ever bargained.

In a story with intricately woven lies that are pieced together at just the right pace, Cross delivers a story that keeps the pages turning.  The smartest thing about Tempest is that Cross gives us the rules of how time-travel works in this story, thus giving us a foundation as to how and why Jackson can do the things he does with little problem.  While there are a couple points in the book that may make the reader see conflicts in the timeline, they are minor points and are quickly shrugged off.

It is also refreshing to see a teenage romance that is appropriately depicted, rather than the driving force of nature that consumes everything in its path.  As Jackson and Holly fumble through their relationship, it is relatable and believable.  There is not the emphasis on sex that is so prevalent in some stories that have been given to lately, although it is appropriately present.  It is easy to believe the characters are normal college students doing and saying normal college things.

Tempest is the first in what will be a trilogy from Cross, and I for one cannot wait for the others to follow.  It leaves us with just enough of a cliffhanger that we are certain to come back for more.  For me, it brought back memories of watching Quantum Leap when I was younger, and reminds me of the new Dr.Whos- but with a bit more emotional attachement.  There is rarely a book that brings so much reference from past sources, yet is able to remain refreshingly new.  Tempest is one time storm that should be weathered.

For more about Julie Cross, visit her website

The Tempest trilogy has been optioned for the big screen.  Watch for upcoming news!

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.


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