First Aid Kit- ‘The Lion’s Roar’



First Aid Kit

The Lion’s Roar

Redeye Label

Release Date:  January 24, 2012


This Swedish sister duo is absolutely stunning in their simplicity.  It is clear they share a great respect  for those who influenced them.  There are hints of Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, and Johnny Cash (among others) throughout the album.  In fact, they even dedicate a song to the lot of them, called ‘Emmylou.’  There are times while listening to The Lion’s Roar that one may forget it is released in 2012 rather than the 1970s, because the sounds sound original rather than derivative in the least.

There are guest vocals from Conor Oberst, which help a bit to fill out their sound from time to time.  Not to imply that they even need the help.  They don’t.  These sisters are great on their own.  With a slight twang, but never too much, one would never guess that they are Swedish.  Rather, they sound as though they were born and bred in the southern American tradition.  Lyrically, they are far beyond many of those in the folk circuit today, as they draw upon the songwriting traditions of the past.

I have to admit, this sophomore effort is the first that I have learned of these lovely ladies- and it saddens me that I missed their first album in the shuffle of the other releases of 2010.  There are times they are reminiscent of where The Watson Twins started- which is a much needed spot to be filled.  If this is a glimpse of what is to come from the indie-folk scene this year, prepare to be in for a wonderful journey.  First Aid Kit delivers a sound that will hold onto your soul, yet remains delicately understated.



For more about First Aid Kit, go to their website.


2 thoughts on “First Aid Kit- ‘The Lion’s Roar’

  1. I got this last week and put it on the iPod. Can’t stop listening to it. I have their first release, but this is more consistent and polished.

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