‘Zero Day’ by David Baldacci

Zero Day

by David Baldacci

Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date  October 31, 2011


David Baldacci is an accomplished author in his genre, and had given us many great and thrilling adventures.  In Zero Day, Baldacci sets out to continue his legacy, introducing us to a new character: military investigator John Puller.  Puller is a rough and tumble, no nonsense, blunt veteran who is now busy battling all his personal demons.

When he is put on the case of a multiple murder in a southern coal mining town, he quickly finds that it is not going to be an easy, cut-and-dry assignment.  What he finds is a web of deceit, corruption, and secrets that are buried deep in the mines of the town.  How a murdered military man who was just visiting town, a coal mining tycoon, and top-ranking officials are all connected to a string of crimes in an otherwise sleepy town becomes a maze of which Puller must find his way out.

Zero Day is not Baldacci’s greatest work, but is rather lacking in what should be a suspenseful read.  Although the basis is intriguing, the characters are not as dynamic and likeable as Baldacci attempts to make them.  There are many parts of the story that are overly detailed and unnecessary, in an attempt to create a grander story.  It seems as though Baldacci has lost his spark in this often boring, fairly disappointing read.  If you are a Baldacci fan, this will not measure up.  If you are new to Baldacci, it will not be an inspiring introduction.  We can all just hope that whatever the issue is, he works through it in time for his next venture.


This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about David Baldacci, visit his website.


4 thoughts on “‘Zero Day’ by David Baldacci

  1. Too bad. I’ve been a fan for years and hate to hear that he’s lost the spark that used to fuel his books. Thanks for the honest review. I guess I’ll pass on this one.

  2. Hmm. I guess I won’t go out of my way to read this anytime soon. I guess that is a good thing since I have 250+ books on my to be read pile on GoodReads.

  3. Its a pity that you feel this way about the book. I heard an extract from it on Elaine Charles’ radio show and it sounded great. You can listen to it on http://www.bookreportradio.com.

    Perhaps I will rethink about reading it. I have had mostly great recommendations from Elaine’s show

    • Thank you for the link and the comment. If you usually like Baldacci, you may like ‘Zero Day.’ It just is not up to his usual tone and standard- by I am only one opinion!

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