‘Saturation’ by Jennifer Place


by Jennifer Place


Publication Date:  March 22, 2011


Saturation is a memoir chronicling the author’s struggle with alcoholism, and serves the cause quite well.  Throughout the recounting of her struggles, it is nearly impossible to like Place or agree with any of her decisions.  It is clear how deeply her alcoholism impacted every aspect of her life, and every relationship along the way.

It becomes clear that unless one has had a direct relationship with alcoholism in their lives, it may be impossible to fully understand the decisions place made along the way.  Through her accounts of arrests, five stays at treatment centers, and the destruction of her family and her life, it is easy for one to want to scream at her to simply stop drinking.  It is, however, apparent that it is never that simple.  Place delivers a memoir that teaches understanding and compassion for alcoholics, while knowing that she will not be liked by the end.

Saturation is a memoir that is best suited for those that have been affected by addiction, rather than those who are simply trying to gain understanding.  It is an honest, no-holds-barred account of a difficult period in Place’s life- and serves as a testament to her bravery.  It is a story about how one becomes consumed by addiction, but keeps trying to save herself.


This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Jennifer Place, visit her Goodreads profile.


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