Kate Bush- ’50 Words for Snow’

50 Words for Snow

Kate Bush

ANTI Records

Release Date:  November 21, 2011


Kate Bush will never be running up that hill again, but regardless of where she is headed, she always manages to draw the listener into her ethereal world.  Many artists have tried to replicate Bush’s brand of dreaminess, but always seem to be lacking a certain something.  Although not everyone’s taste, one must admit that Kate Bush is a rare and unique talent.

That talent is ever apparent and present on her latest effort, 50 Words for Snow, a collection of seven songs that feel like the dead of winter.  Each one like a snowflake to create a blanket that will not melt until spring.  It seems that Bush has grown as an artist, as each song takes us through a different story she has lived.  While ‘Lake Tahoe’ and ‘Misty’ may put us down to slumber for the winter, ‘Wild Man’ wakes us for a waking dream.  The title track gives us enough momentum to make a nice cup of hot cocoa, before snuggling back in for ‘Among Angels.’  With subtle guest spots from Elton John and Stephen Fry, it makes the winter not seem as lonely.

Bush’s voice has become a bit more weathered and has developed a certain raspy quality that may remind one of Marianne Faithfull or PJ Harvey at times, but with a certain avant garde that also draws upon Laurie Anderson.  On 50 Words for Snow, she has created an album that would not make sense played outside the wintertime, but is distinctly NOT a holiday album- a feat that has so far gone unmatched.  While the winter cold may drag on, Bush has given us a musical companion that will make the winter chill more bearable.

[This review is also published on Kevchino.com] 

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