Book Tour: ‘Fission’



by Tom Weston

Tom Weston Media

Publication Date:  October 29, 2011


We all have a story to tell, and it is the ability to tell our story accurately that remains at the heart.  When the right to have our achievements credited, and our story told as it happened, is taken away we become lost in history.  This seems to be the case with Lise Meitner- the physicist whose discoveries led to the creation of the atomic bomb, but who bears none of the credit.

Fission, although historical fiction, gives us an account of Meitner’s life as a woman physicist fighting for her place in a man’s world.  The accomplishments of Meitner are perhaps the most underrated of her time.  From breaking into the world of physics, to becoming the first female physics professor, discovery of fission and what it could mean for the world, she never stopped doing what she loved- and never stopped fighting for it.

Weston not only tells us the story of a remarkable physicist and woman, but gives us a broader picture of the time as well.  He takes us through World War I, and leads us into the hornet’s nest of World War II Germany.  While working in Germany during WWII, Meitner and her fellow scientists become targeted by the Nazi regime.  Science and scientists became seen as threats to Hitler’s plans, and led to the imprisonment of some, and the fleeing of others.  Meitner was able to escape to Denmark, but was labeled as an enemy of Germany.

It was during this time that the Nazis had Meitner’s name erased from the history of science.  Her published works no longer carried her name, but rather gave full credit to non-Jewish males in her circle.  She was also not credited with the discoveries leading to the atom bomb.  Suddenly, the woman who worked alongside that of Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein became a nothing more than a speck in the history of physics, even though others fought for her inclusion.

In Fission, we are given a glimpse of an amazing life- a person who possessed a great amount of strength, resilience, and courage.  Meitner shows that some may try to erase or change history, but in the end no one can take our accomplishments away.  It is not always about the credit one deserves, but rather the self-satisfaction one possesses as a result of their achievements.  Weston has supplied a voice to one who had theirs taken away, and the story of Meitner will live on through each new scientific discovery.


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