by C. Bailey Sims

Terabyte Press

Publication Date: April 3, 2012


Catherine is a sixteen year old princess from the land of Lackanay who is dreading an arranged marriage.  That is, until she decides to escape her castle in search of a life that suits her better.  Little does she know the tangled web she will find herself a part of sooner than she knows.  Catherine quickly realizes her plans of a more normal life are far from her grasp when she meets a supposedly mythical fairrier cat named Spelopekos (Pokos for short).

Catherine soon finds that in the neighboring lands of Lackanay and Candlewax nothing is as it seems.  Pokos is her guide throughout her journey in discovering the truth about her grandmother (Catherine’s namesake) and her role in saving her world from trodliks- creatures that are not supposed to exist.  With a powerful amulet passed down to her from her grandmother, a demanding fairrier cat, and others she meets along the way, Catherine soon discovers there is much more to her family history and the history of Lackanay than she ever knew.  She is faced with sorting through family secrets and ancient prophecies, in her quest to save Lackanay- because she is the only one who can.

Candlewax is a medieval fantasy that serves as a coming-of-age story of young Catherine, who discovers who she is and her place in her world throughout the story.  While at times a bit slow and overly descriptive, Sims has given us an enjoyable and exciting addition to the YA Fantasy genre.  For the adult reader, it may be a bit predictable.  However, for the younger reader for which it is intended, Candlewax is sure to be an entertaining read, and serves up a strong and courageous heroine with Catherine.  The ending ties up well, but leaves it easily open for the next installment of what is intended to be the Candlewax trilogy.

For more about this book, check out the Goodreads page.

Candlewax will be available for purchase in April 2012

[This review is also published at Living Life: Hannah Style!]


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