Book Tour: ‘Real Moms Love to Eat’

Real Moms Love to Eat

by Beth Aldrich & Eve Adamson

New American Library

Publication Date: January 3, 2012


Most of us love food.  We spend a great deal of time planning, buying, and preparing it for ourselves and our families.  We also spend a lot of time hearing about what we are doing wrong and how we can fix it.  Eat this, not that.  This is bad for you.  This is better.  Low salt.  No salt.  To go fat free, or not to go fat free.  It gets downright overwhelming.  It is no wonder that a lot of us have thrown a lot of the information out the window and have stuck with the foods with which we are comfortable.  This is where Beth Aldrich comes in with her inspiring book Real Moms Love to Eat.

Aldrich has been there, done that- and she is here to help us figure out how to attain and maintain healthy eating habits.  Real Moms starts by giving us ‘goals’ for each week, such as focusing on water intake or putting a veggie into every meal.  Aldrich realizes and acknowledges the connections we have with certain foods.  Her goal is not to deny those foods, but to moderate and incorporate them into a healthy diet.  Also, by focusing on what one craves, she gives us healthy options to satisfy those craving in order to rewire our habits.

Real Moms is a book about incorporating whole food into real life.  There is nothing that Aldrich suggests or teaches that cannot be implemented easily into daily life.  The focus on whole foods is an important component in the groundwork for a healthy diet.  With so many processed convenience foods in our busy lives, it is easy to give into the temptation for the sake of time.  But, if we are not willing to feed ourselves how we should, how can we give our family healthy meals?  The focus Aldrich gives to the importance of taking time for ourselves is something that is often overlooked when talking about family lifestyles- and moms deserve that focus as much, I not more, than anyone else.

Being a proponent of natural living and focusing on healthy choices, I found Real Moms to be a great resource.  Even for those already implementing some of the advice given, it offers a great reminder as to the benefits and importance of maintaining the lifestyle.  For those that feel that there is just not enough time, or it is too overwhelming to conquer, this is a great resource to prove otherwise.  Real Moms Love to Eat is a resource for real women who like to have real fun with food.

 This book blog tour is promoted and arranged by the extraordinary ladies themselves at Real Moms Love to Eat.  Please check out the other tour stops listed on their page.

To pre-order the book, and enter for a chance for other great prizes, visit their contest page!

 This book can also be purchased at Amazon, as well as your local independent bookseller.

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