by Sandra Brown

Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: September 20, 2011

When Honor Gillette finds a man lying in her yard, she immediately tries to help him, only to quickly find out it is a set up to take her hostage in this page-turning suspense. After realizing that the man is the suspected mass murderer that has been all over the news, she knows that she needs to listen to what he says. When Coburn, the intruder, informs Honor that her husband’s death years earlier was no accident, she is not sure what to believe. She soon finds that she can trust no one, but must trust that Coburn will lead her to the truth.

Lethal has so many twists and turns, and weaves some vicious webs- leaving the reader unsure of anything. The people that are sure to protect Honor may be the ones out to silence the truth from surfacing. She quickly gets caught up in a maze of deceit and lies as she and Coburn uncover a ring of crime, including human trafficking, that may connected to local law enforcement and the FBI.

Brown has delivered a true page-turner that whips the reader as though in a tornado of truth and lies. As Honor wonders if she will ever discover the truth behind her husband’s death, the reader may wonder if she really wants to know the whole truth. As Honor is left to sort through the pieces, the reader is right there with her the entire time- hoping she finds what she needs in the end. Will the truth really set her free, or will it bind her even more?


This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Sandra Brown, visit her website.


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