Book Tour: ‘Two Moons of Sera’

Two Moons of Sera- Vol. 1

by Pavarti K. Tyler

Fighting Monkey Press

Pub. Date: November 1, 2011


Pavarti K. Tyler has created a world that is similar to others in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy realm, but is distinctive in many ways.  The introduction of the strange land is immediately enticing, as a we meet a water creature that has been captured by those of the land.  It is clear that there is going to be much to learn about this land at war.  Although we do not learn it all in Vol. 1, it surely sets everything up quite well.

Serafay is a genetic anomaly.  She is half sea-sweller (Sualwet) and half land-dweller (Erdlander), and accepted by no one except her mother.  That is, until she meets Torkek, a mysterious Erdlander that draws her in and piques her curiosity.  Serafay instantly feels a connection to Tor, even if she can not quite explain why.

Though, at first, Serafay seeks out the company of Tor to discover more about her world and to ease her loneliness, she quickly finds that his company is integral to her survival.  She must learn to trust Tor with her life, as an unexpected trauma threatens to shatter her world.  It is through this journey of trust and exploring the unknown that Serafay begins to learn what her place in her world really means.

As she discovers who Tor really is, she also begins to better understand who she is and what their existence may mean to both the Sualwets and the Erdlanders.  As their quest for survival begins, the first installation in this serial novel quickly draws the reader in to Serafay’s world that may be full of more danger than beauty.  After reading Two Moons of Sera, one is left with anticipation for the next chapter, due out January 2012.


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 This book can be purchased at, as well as your local independent bookseller.

 For more about Parvati K. Tyler and Fighting Monkey Press, visit her website here.


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