Blog Tour: Geek Girl

Geek Girl

by Cindy C. Bennett

Sweetwater Books/Cedar Fort, Inc.

Pub. Date: December 8, 2011


Being a teenager is difficult.  Being Jen Jones is even more difficult, given her colorful and unfortunate past.  She is a foster child that has never really been given a break- partly because every time something good happens, she pushes it away to make it easier on herself.  When she finds herself in a home with a family that accepts her bad girl ‘goth’ looks and ways, Jen immediately starts to plan her emotional escape plan.

After a bet with her friends to turn Trevor (a geek) into a bad boy doesn’t quite go as planned, she begins to see that maybe the unexpected is what she needs.  No matter what she does, her new family and Trevor are accepting and understanding.  So, naturally, she questions their motives, wandering if they are really genuine.  By the end, the discoveries she makes about herself and those around her are not what she expected out of the whole deal- but they are what she needed.

Trying to traverse two different worlds ultimately becomes too much for Jen, and she must choose between the hard life she’s always known and the unknown life she is begin offered.  Geek Girl offers a look into a life that could be any teenager (and parts of her are).  Jen is relatable in what she feels and the decisions she makes, even though they may not always be the right ones.  By the end, it is a decision of who one is ‘expected’ to be and who one can become.

Geek Girl is a great read, although sometimes predictable- but comfortingly so.  It is one of the YA stories that would make a good movie or premise for a television show.  The characters are likable enough that people would tune in week after week to find out more about Jen and Trevor.  After finishing, I immediately wanted to know ‘what happens from here?’.  I am hoping for a sequel to see how Jen is in a few years, because I know her story isn’t over.


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This book can be purchased at, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about Cindy C. Bennett, go to her website here.

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