The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

by Judith A Belmont, MS & Lora Shor, MSW

Premier Publishing & Media

Pub. Date: October 21, 2011


There are so many self-help books on the market right now, that it sometimes gets overwhelming.  So much so, that many of us have stopped even trying to sift through them all.  Plus, let’s face it, do they really tell us anything new, or do they just make us feel more inadequate when their advice doesn’t resonate?  During any given trip to the self-help section, one will come across catch phrase titles, empowerment snippets, and really make us question if buying the given book is really going to be the answer to our troubles (it’s usually not).

In comes The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!, which has no pretense that reading this book is an instant fix.  Instead, Belmont and Shor, give us an entertaining and informative manual guiding us through everyday challenges that life hands us.  They establish that the problems will still be there, but how we deal with the given problems is the key.

From dealing with regret to connecting with others to issues of forgiveness to controlling how you reacts to situations, The Swiss Cheese Theory supplies helpful ways for “navigating through life’s holes without getting stuck in them,” just as the tagline tells us.  Although some of the topics seem pretty cut and dry, we sometimes need a reminder on how to deal with issues, so we don’t take things for granted.

With an entertaining and easy to read layout, this is a great and practical guide for all ages.  It could be easily adapted to help kids deal with issues, as well as put things into perspective for adults.  Perhaps the best thing about The Swiss Cheese Theory is the fun and light hearted cartoons.  With The Swiss Cheese Fairy and The Swiss Wiz as our guides through the ‘holes,’ it is hard not to keep reading.  Belmont and Shor have shown that not all self-help books have to be preachy or dense, but that we should take life in stride and laugh along the way.  The problems are going to be there, but how we deal with them makes all the difference.


This book can be purchased at, as well as your local independent bookseller.

For more about the authors and the book, go to website here.


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