Live Show: Red Molly

Imagine a group that is part Lucy Kaplansky, part Patty Griffin, and part Emmylou Harris- without any of them being a member of the band.  This is Red Molly, the current number one Americana/Folk band across the country.  Last night’s performance in the Goshen Theater in Goshen, IN was nothing short of outstanding and moving.

The three parts of Red Molly- Abbie Gardner, Laurie MacAllister, and Molly Venter- add up to one amazingly talented trio.  Beginning and ending the show with impossibly perfect acapella songs, created perfect bookends to the beautiful set in between.  The ladies performed several covers, including unforgettable versions of ‘Come On In My Kitchen’ and ‘Fever.’  Their ability to tweek and rearrange songs to make them sound brand new, yet still familiar, is a rare gift that few musicians are able to master.  But, master their music, they have done.

It is clear that each part of Red Molly is as talented as the next.  They share the stage knowing that they are equals, while playing to the strengths of each.  During the show, it became clear that the ladies are able to not only perform and sing with perfect clarity, but each are strong songwriters as well.  With a receptive audience and a new album to promote, the venue was perfect in atmosphere and acoustics to take in their every note.

The set list consisted of an entire performance of their new album, Light In the Sky, capped with a selection of other material.  This was the second performance in Goshen, IN for Red Molly, and it surely will not be their last.  With a growing fanbase across the country, this talented trio will not be forgotten anytime soon.  A pitch-perfect show, a wonderful new album, and three beautiful ladies, all add up to a recipe for success for Red Molly.


For another review of the Goshen Theater show, visit SpydersDen, also the photographer for the above photo.

One thought on “Live Show: Red Molly

  1. Great review, and the picture isn’t too bad either. Thanks for using it. Glad you enjoyed the show and hope we can do it again when they’re back next time.

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