Mazzy Star- ‘Common Burn Single’

Mazzy Star

Common Burn- Single 

Label: Rhymes of an Hour

Release Date: October 31, 2011


Mazzy Star has always been low key, due to the shyness of front woman Hope Sandoval.  This is most likely why the reuniting of the iconic ‘shoegazing’ 1990s band has not been known until now.  With a collection of three solid albums produced, they are one of the most missed cult bands of their era.  A sound all their own made them greatly missed when they went their separate ways into solo ventures.  Now, returning with a sneak peek of an upcoming album, we can glimpse into their world once more.

On the Common Burn Single, we are given a two song selection to wet our listening pallet.  ‘Common Burn’ itself is on the slower side, even for Mazzy Star, giving a slightly sleepy feeling of what may be to come.  However, ‘Lay Myself Down’ takes us right back to where Fade Into You left off, albeit with the addition of a steel guitar.  Although the steel guitar is not their signature sound, after so long without the band being around, it is easy to accept its presence. 

With singles it is sometimes difficult to tell how far a band has come and what we can expect out of the full length album.  However, with Mazzy Star this is not the case, as we are drawn right back into the dreamy world of hazy beats and mellow tunes that is their trademark.  The full length is sure to bring a maturity that is inevitable after a hiatus and gained experience, altering their sound slightly.  Though, by the preview of the single, they are headed in the right direction.

Mazzy Star is a band that makes the kind of music that slows time down.  The kind that makes breathing somehow easier for the listener.  Maybe it’s the comfort that emanates from Hope Sandoval’s voice.  Or maybe it is just simple magic that is infused in every note they perform.  Regardless of how they do it, one thing is certain: Mazzy Star is back.  And that makes for a hopeful 2012.

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