Sophie Hunger- ‘1983’


Sophie Hunger


Label: Indie Europe/Zoom

Release Date:  April 16, 2010


There is a lot of music out there to be heard and discovered, and many artists get shuffled into the sea of the unheard and unknown.  Sometimes great artists get missed in the midst of it all, and other times it is understandable why the artist never rose to the top.  Unfortunately, Sophie Hunger seems to fall into the latter category.

 After listening to 1983, there is nothing memorable about what was just heard.  The first song sounds like the last, and everything in between melds together into one giant drifting thought.  This may not be a negative thing, except for the fact that Hunger does not supply strong or unique vocals to pull the album out of the sleep inducing sea of slow pop.

Towards the middle of 1983, Hunger gives the listener hope that she may break out of her sleepy, melodramatic rut with “Your Personal Religion.”  However, it is a short-lived venture with a catchy beat that is not carried on elsewhere during the duration of the album. After the fleeting show of personality, Hunger takes one right back to the slow deep ocean of the unmemorable.

Although Hunger may have talent underneath it all, it is somewhat unfortunate that it is not shown with this attempt.  Perhaps one day she will find a niche that suits her and leave the slow, mind-drifting groove behind.  Until then, the music from 1983 will be listened to long after Sophie Hunger’s 1983.

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