Veronica Falls- S/T

Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls

Slumberland Records

Release Date: September 20, 2011

While listening to Veronica falls, the newest British import, one may find themselves feeling as though Throwing Muses or The Pixies have created another spinoff. Though obviously influenced by, and giving nods to, indie groups from the 1980s and 90s, this band is still very original in what they deliver. With so many bands trying to vie for notice in the indie-pop-punk meets ambient scene, Veronica Falls is a standout.

They deliver beautiful harmonies, spot-on instrumentation, and slightly dark lyrics, sounding somewhat like Mazzy Star, but with a more upbeat undertone. The songs take us on a melodramatic journey through teenage tragedy, lurking depression, and dark hearts, all while leaving us feeling oddly upbeat about it all. While singing about how they “Found Love In a Graveyard,” you may find yourself feeling oddly happy- because they did find love. They make “Misery” and having a “Bad Feeling” seem more than bearable. With the progression of each of their songs, they bring the listener farther into their world, which is slightly dark, but mostly dreamy.

Veronica Falls is an album that should be not be ignored, but rather put on rotation for quite a while.  They are masters of making the macabre seem seductive and even joyful. So, the next time you feel like grave dancing or chasing shadows, invite Veronica Falls along, because they will show you the unexpected joy in the darkness.

For more about Veronica Falls, visit their website here.

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