Erika Spring/Violens- ‘Split Single’

Erika Spring/Violens

Split Single

Friendly Fire Recordings

Release Date: July 19, 2011

Erika Spring is venturing out on her own in her first solo project since the hiatus of her band Au Revoir Simone, and it is absolutely stunning. Where Au Revior Simone was breathy and all-around ethereal, Spring shows her grounded side, while still making us feel like we’re dreaming. In her first single from an upcoming album, 6 More Weeks, she teases us with a familiarity and comfort from what we would expect from her, and blends it with a darker and more meaningful sound.

Collaborating with Jorge Elbrecht of Violens, who lends the other single, Spring experiments a bit and is able to fill out her sound. On It Couldn’t Be Perceived, Violens showcases their New Wave sound, and is an odd compliment to Spring’s cut. After releasing their first album in 2010, Violens received little notice commercially, but much critical acclaim for their experimental, yet 1980’s derived sound. They have a catchy edge this single that should not be ignored.

While Spring invites us into a part synth-pop, part melancholy glimpse into a darker sound, Violens tries to lift us up with a 1980s-inspired cut from their previous album, Amoral. The collaboration of these two gives us a great taste of what is yet to come. It leaves the listener wanting the full length albums to follow soon, and to give us more from where these cuts came.

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