‘Handmade Chic’

Handmade Chic

by Laura Bennett

Rodale Books

Pub. Date: November 8, 2011


Some of us remember Laura Bennett from the third season of Project Runway as the refined redhead with an eye for simplicity and sleekness.  It seems as though she has not lost her trademark aesthetic in her new how-to book for accessories.  In Handmade Chic, Bennett gives us a whole new take on what we are able to do with handmade accessories, while still keeping it simple and manageable.

Too often craft books show us a whole slew of ideas that look super cool, but we know we will never make them, let alone use the item if we did.  Bennett, however, gives us patterns for business card holders, laptop sleeves, e-book reader covers, belts, and more- all things that we want and would use but are generally overpriced for what they are.  While she does give us most of the projects as things to do in leather or fur, which tend be more expensive, they could easily be done in other materials to our liking and budget.

Bennett starts with the basics, and moves into more complicated projects, explaining the how-tos the entire way.  A few of the ideas with rhinestones and feathers may be over the top for most, but overall she keeps the simple aesthetic that is easy for anyone to incorporate into their life.  Handmade Chic has an assortment of ideas for everyday life, as well as for special occasions.  There are ideas that would make amazing usable gifts that are sure to be impressive and stunning.  This is a book that teaches techniques for materials from which most craft guides steer clear, such as leather.

Handmade Chic is a must-have for anyone looking for sleek and simple accessories, and for the upcoming holiday season.  After a bit of practice, one is sure to be turning out some sought-after pieces for everyone to admire and covet.


This book can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller.

 For more about Laura Bennett, go to her Project Runway Blog here.


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