St. Vincent- ‘Strange Mercy’

Artist: St. Vincent

Album:  Strange Mercy

Label: 4AD

Release Date: September 13, 2011

Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) is an experimental musician, which places her in a somewhat precarious spot on her third venture, ‘Strange Mercy.’ Her previous two releases proved to have their place in the indie music arena, as she provided us with different sounds and stories to make us never feel quite sure what would come next- resulting in the edginess that defines her.

On ‘Strange Mercy,’ however, Clark is seemingly trying too hard and reaching too far to convey her message. Whatever it is she is trying to tell us gets lost in a muddle of obscure references and catch phrases. The same thing has happened to many, such as Tori Amos and Bjork; it just seems that Clark, like others is trying to be too cool and alienates listeners along the way.

There really is no standout track on the album, as the dissonance and lyrical obscurity both end in something derivative of so much else out there. Which, is exactly what Clark is trying to avoid. It is one of those albums that people will most likely talk about to sound educated and edgy, but never really choose to listen to until others are around. In other words, ‘Strange Mercy’ may give you street cred, but will supply little else to the average listener. Sometimes trying to be too original and unique ends in losing yourself and blending in with the rest of those trying to be original and unique.

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For more about St. Vincent, check out her website here.

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