50 Underwear Questions: A Bare All-History

50 Underwear Questions: A Bare-All History        

by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Annick Press

Pub. Date: July 7, 2011


Have you ever been getting dressed in the morning and wonder why your tighty whities have an elastic waistband instead of buttons?  Or maybe you’ve been wondering if there is any connection to corsets and wartime?  If so, this is the book for you.  Kyi takes us on a trip through time, explaining major social changes, world wars, gender issues, socioeconomic status, cultural differences, and the process of invention- all through our under garments.

Something that we take for granted and not give too much thought (as long as they’re not showing) is proven to have an integral place in the history of the world.  50 Underwear Questions not only answers questions you may have had about your skivvies, but answers all those you never knew to ask.  Kyi tells us about the well-preserved underthings of the mummies, all the way to the making of the Maidenform brand.

From fur to whalebone to steel to rubber to lycra, this book covers the history of covering up.  Although it is geared towards children, it is definitely and enjoyable read for adults as well.  50 Underwear Questions is jam-packed full of information, fun illustrations, historical tidbits, and fun projects.  It’s an entertaining and educational read for all, and is sure to make a great conversation piece for any family’s coffee table.


This book is available at Amazon.com, as well as your local independent bookseller. 

For more about Tanya Lloyd Kyi, visit her site here.

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