Veggies Have Never Been So Dirty

The thing about PETA is that they can’t just be happy vegetarians happy with their meatless diet, but they have to scream from the rooftops about how terrible we meat protein lovers are.  Only, I have to say I would rather eat animals than treat humans (specifically women) like they are pieces of meat.  Yes, in a perfect world we would never have to eat the meat of a dead animal to feed ourselves, or even pull a defenseless carrot from the ground that protects it, just so we can crunch away.  But, we need to eat to survive.  So, of course, trying to raise our food the most organic and gentle way possible is ideal.

We do not, however, need to senselessly objectify women to get any point across to those who do not see it our way.  PETA is trying to get an ad picked up for the upcoming Super Bowl that was refused for the 2010 Super Bowl.  It depicts women in a staged porn scene loving vegetables way too much.  After watching the ad, I have to say I am not sure I’ll ever look at celery the same way.

PETA is known for their outrageous, sexist ad campaigns involving women (always naked, of course) in cages, marked up like cuts of meat, “pre-packaged,” or posed like caught animals.  They want to shock, I get it.  They should think, though, that although as tasteless (no pun intended) as their marketing often is, perhaps a porn ad in the middle of a testosterone-laden football game is not really the best way to get their point across.  I highly doubt that the millions of football fans watching the Super Bowl are going to collectively put their grilled burgers and hotdogs down after watching the commercial.  Perhaps one would understand how this audience is not the vegetarian crowd.

Ah!  But men watching football love porn.  Not only does PETA stereotype (possibly mostly accurately) the football fan, but they want to turn them on.  It is very doubtful these commercials will get the guys to stop eating meat, but I do foresee many new vegetable fetishists.  Thank you PETA for helping the masses not only objectify women, but now veggies have a whole (mostly) new industry in which they, too, can now be equally objectified.


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