How Gay Marriage is an Economy Booster

There are a myriad of reasons why it should be legal across the entire country to marry the one you love, regardless of sex or gender.  Equality is something the sensible ones work toward on every level.  However, if making everyone equal is not enough of a reason for politicians and the “deciders,” then perhaps they should be looking at the larger economic benefits to their respective states.

It can be easily argued that same-sex marriage is an instant economy booster, creating immediate income for the state.  As was seen in Iowa following the April 2009 legalization of same-sex marriage, it provides an instant increase in tourism.  With the country’s economy on a downslide, many have no means to travel without a specific cause or reason.  Iowa was that first mid-west state to legalize, thus securing a reason for thousands to visit the state that is generally forgotten, or avoided.  No longer seen as solely John Deer country, it has become viewed as progressive, with many areas becoming more gentrified to accommodate the tourist traffic.  Iowa law requires a three day waiting period between applying for a marriage license and tying the knot.  So, what will the excited couple do for three whole days?  Shop, visit destinations in the area, and bring their money to the state.  Cha-ching!  Instant cash tourism= instant cash flow.

Pretty basic as far as economics is concerned.  Iowa is merely an easy example, but it can be said for nearly every state that has made the leap into the 21st century.  New York and Rhode Island should be expecting their payday any time now.

So, you have a service/attraction on which people will spend money.  They come to your state, spend said money, and the economy is boosted.  Given that the wedding industry in the United States is $71 billion annually, according the BridePOP, why would the government not want to cash in on the piggy banks of the millions in the gay community and help bolster the economy?

I am by no means trying to diminish the importance and significance same-sex marriage has for our society, but sometimes money talks louder than sense.  Politicians are getting kickbacks from nearly every platform, and given the success pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, and others, perhaps they’re on to something.  Maybe it’s time to play the economy card, and just be glad to reap the rewards.

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